Westmoreland Country Club

WCC - greens coring 2

Coring of the existing greens profile prior to replacement

Wilmette, Illinois  This 18-hole private club underwent an innovative greens renovation used as a test case for a new subsurface air system and a new ceramic soil mix. Under the direction of golf architect, Art Hills, Golf Creations installed tile under the greens at 10′ intervals (rather than 15′) and ran perimeter tile around each green to allow more air to push up into the soil profile when the air system is used. Each putting surface was cored and rebuilt to its original contouring using high-tech LIDAR photography as a guide. The soil profiles were rebuilt using a ceramic mix designed to hold more water during times of drought. All of this work was completed in 8 weeks, using float-tire trucks to minimize damage to the course.

Architect:  Arthur Hills / Steve Forrest & Associates

punctuation-marks-quotation-marksGolf Creations was great to work with, very up front and impressive from pre-bid all the way through to completion. This was the first time we had worked with them and I was really impressed with their attention to detail. Their green tie-ins were fantastic.”

 – Ken Gibson, project architect, Hills/Forrest

WCC - Finished green

WCC - Greens coring

WCC - Drainage install

WCC - Geotextile install

WCC - Gravel slinging

WCC - Final grassing