INDIAN CREEK - FINAL SCHEMATIC PLAN - Revised 12-09-08Master Planning is an enormous priority for clubs and courses these days because golf courses are living things – they wear out – but also because the building boom of years past has placed enormous competitive pressures on existing facilities. Courses must stay current in order to survive and compete. The Master Plan is a process designed to help analyze problems and plan for long-term improvements.

Our company reputation is built on this type of solid, innovative planning, and is supported by a long list of satisfied clients running successful, sustainable operations that:

  • Conserve energy
  • Enhance appeal
  • Entertain the consumer
  • Maximize return on investment

Sample - BDM - AMP FINAL - REV 4-1-13Asset Management Planning (AMP) is a more refined master planning process designed to focus less on major renovations to a course’s layout and more on maximizing the condition, location and lifespan of its existing features.  The process culminates in the assessment of potential cost benefits for the various improvements made by analyzing implementation costs (construction), phasing (time) and perceived long term impact on course operations. AMP planning allows courses to:

  • Respond to player feedback regarding playability and conditioning
  • Fix immediate problem areas discovered by maintenance staff
  • Analyze the golf course for efficient  enhancement opportunities
  • Maximize the lifespan for the most important features.