Kellogg Golf Course

Kellogg - PRELIM SCHEMATIC - 4-28-11Peoria, Illinois  The renovation recently completed at this 18-hole park district-owned facility cost less than $500,000 to implement but the impact its had on the local golf scene has been priceless. The motivation for the project, which included the gassing and re-grassing of 19 greens (A-1), re-grassing of fairways to bent (Memorial) and reconstruction of the course bunkering, was the desire of the Peoria Park District to compete for a more diverse clientele, especially those who favored the local private clubs and their bentgrass fairways. Of course doing that meant closing the facility down for parts of two seasons, a risk in any market, but the results have been outstanding and local golfers have flocked to the course since it reopened.

Original architect:  Larry and Roger Packard (1974)


KGC - Hole #2

KGC - Hole #15

KGC - Hole #17