Lake Carroll Golf Course

Lake Carroll - Base Info-Front NineLake Carroll - Base Info-Back NineLanark, Illinois  LGD owes a lot of its philosophy on Asset Management Planning to the work completed with this northwest Illinois club. Following master plan development in 2006, the course intended to implement the whole thing in three to six $250,000 to $1,000,000 phases, but the economic downturn killed that idea. Since then, though, the club and LGD have gotten creative and paired the project down to yearly small projects, never spending more than $125,000 in any one year. The impact on the facility has been huge — while the footprint of each project remains small and relatively unobtrusive. Lake Carroll also proved that the in-house construction model was viable. Superintendent Tim Throop and his crews work alongside Golf Creations and do their own roto-tilling, tree clearing and buy their own materials. This saves money and has made the whole process darned efficient for all involved.

Original architect:  Unknown


LCGC - Hole #2

LCGC - Hole #4

LCGC - Hole #6

LCGC - Hole #7

LCGC - Hole #9