Slinger High School

Slinger - laser grading

Final laser grading of the infield surface.

Slinger, Wisconsin  The Slinger High School boys’ baseball field is a prime example of LSF’s ability to create a quality product on a limited budget. Though this field lacks the high-tech soil profile and drainage system of high-end surfaces, it was meticulously graded to properly direct runoff from storms to out of play areas, allowing the team to play ball even after the heaviest of rains. What the field lacks in glitz, it definitely makes up for in performance, a testament to the dedication of the LSF crews on any size project.

 “Timelines were always met, and there was continuous follow-up once the project was complete. We are very satisfied with the finished product Lohmann Sports Fields delivered.”

– Doug Riesop, Athletic Director, Slinger High School

Subgrade preparation

Infield mix finish grading

Finished field