UW-Madison Soccer

UW Madison- postcard from coachMadison, Wisconsin  Lohmann Sports Fields was called in to repair the University of Wisconsin varsity soccer field following repeated problems with drainage and turf quality.  Construction occurred in June, between seasons. LSF duties included stripping the existing sod then re-grading with laser equipment and re-sodding the entire surface. The project was completed in the heat and drought of July, making grow-in challenging for a while until the sod knitted in and secured its roots. In all, though, the project came in nicely and was ready by early September for the Badgers’ home opener, a disappointing 3-1 loss to Florida International.  (See Coach Trask’s postcard, right, praising LSF’s efforts.)

Sod removal with Koro

Laser grading field slopes

Grow-in near completion